World Cup 2026 times

The times of the World Cup 2026 depend on the different time zones of the cities. The US, Canada and Mexico fall into 4 different time zones.

Edmonton UTC -6
Montreal UTC -4
Toronto UTC -4
Monterrey UTC -5
Guadalajara UTC -5
Mexico City UTC -5
United States
Seattle UTC -7
San Francisco UTC -7
Los Angeles UTC -7
Denver UTC -6
Kansas City UTC -5
Dallas UTC -5
Houston UTC -5
Miami UTC -4
Orlando UTC -4
Atlanta UTC -4
Nashville UTC -5
Washington D.C. UTC -4
Cincinnati UTC -4
Baltimore UTC -4
Philadelphia UTC -4
New York/New Jersey UTC -4
Boston UTC -4

WK 2026 tijdzones

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The times of the World Cup 2026 depend on the different time zones of the cities. The USA, Canada and Mexico fall in 4 different time zones.

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