World Cup 2026 qualification draw

The World Cup 2026 qualifying draw will be held at a location that is easiest to organize for FIFA and all its participants and guests. The draw will take place in July 2023.

Steden van de WK 2026 kwalificatie loting

Miami and Washington are two candidates for holding the qualifying draw. Miami has the most international flights in the US and Washington is home to 177 embassies.

Both cities have major international airports, making it easy for visitors from all countries participating in the World Cup qualification to reach the draw. There are also plenty of hotels in the vicinity of the proposed locations.

The suggested locations for the draw are:

  • Miami: Miami Beach Convention Center: 8,000 visitors and an area of 54,000 square meters;
  • Washington DC: Walter E. Washington Convention Center: 8,000 visitors and an area of 213,000 square meters.
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World Cup 2026 qualifying draw will take place in Miami or Washington DC. International airports make visiting the qualifying draw easier.

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