World Cup 2026 of 48 countries, 12 groups, 104 matches

The 2026 World Cup consists of 48 countries in 12 groups. FIFA announced this on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at the congress in Rwanda.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino was very satisfied with the tension in the group stage at the previous World Cup. The last group matches in the groups of 4 teams were decisive in a number of cases.

The structure of the group of 4 teams will be maintained during the World Cup in America, Mexico and Canada. Since it has already been decided that the tournament will be expanded from 32 to 48 countries, there will be 12 groups in 2026.

11 billion turnover due to expansion of the 2026 World Cup

Due to the expansion of the World Cup 2026, FIFA's turnover will increase by no less than 4 billion euros to a height of 11 billion euros. The football association expects to rake in this turnover in the years leading up to the tournament.

104 World Cup matches in 40 days

The number of World Cup matches will increase by 40 matches to a total of 104 games. Countries are now assured of at least 3 matches, have to travel less far and get almost the same amount of rest between match days.

Due to the increased number of matches, the total schedule will also be extended from 29 days to 40 days .

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Date published: 15-03-2023 09:02 | Date modified: 15-03-2023 | Author: Patrick de Graaf


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The 2026 World Cup will consist of 48 countries in 12 groups. There will be 104 matches played in 40 days. Turnover for FIFA increases by 4 billion euros.

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