No more draws in the group stage of the 2026 World Cup

The 2026 World Cup will no longer be tied, if it is up to FIFA. As of this World Championship, the aim is to prevent a draw in the group rounds.

If the scoreboard shows a draw after 90 minutes, the countries will have to take penalties. By banning a draw, FIFA prevents countries from agreeing on a draw to allow both to continue. The final matches in the group rounds are often all-decisive and sometimes 1 point is enough for both countries.

After the group stage of the 2026 World Cup, there will be an extension after 90 minutes. In case of a draw after extra time, penalties will still be taken.

FIFA has already indicated that it wants to expand the number of participants to 48. This will be decided in January 2017.

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Date published: 20-12-2016 15:00 | Date modified: 20-12-2016 | Author: Patrick de Graaf


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There will no longer be a draw at the 2026 World Cup, penalties will be taken after 90 minutes. This prevents mutual agreements in the group stage.

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