Host country for 2026 World Cup announced in 2018

The allocation of the 2026 World Cup will take place in 2018. FIFA recently decided that the host country of the 2026 World Cup will be announced next year, and not in 2020 as originally planned.

Canada, Mexico and the US want to jointly organize the football tournament and are so far the only candidates for the organization. FIFA accepted their request to advance the allocation with 93% of the vote.

This means that the host country (or countries) will be announced two years earlier, so that countries now have three months to to make an offer. The proposal is therefore very favorable for the only joint candidates, who see their chances increase enormously.

As many as 48 countries will participate in the 2026 World Cup, so that the number of matches will also be expanded to 80. The majority of the matches will be played in the US. Mexico and Canada will each be assigned 10 games as scheduled. There will be 16 groups, each with 3 countries.

However, it is not yet certain that the football event will be assigned to the US, due to President Trump's entry ban. The new president has imposed strict requirements for people entering the country. Players and football fans will most likely also suffer from these restrictions for the 2026 World Cup.

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Date published: 14-05-2017 14:00 | Date modified: 14-05-2017 | Author: Patrick de Graaf


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The allocation of the 2026 World Cup will be in 2018. FIFA's decision is very favorable to the only joint candidates Canada, Mexico and the US.

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