Host countries automatically qualified for 2026 World Cup

The FIFA Council announced on February 14 that the host countries of the 2026 World Cup, Canada, Mexico and the US, will automatically qualify for the World Cup. This long tradition ensures that all hosts participate in the tournament and takes into account sporting and operational considerations.

As a result, the three places of the six slots allocated to Concacaf will be deducted.

While details of the preliminary competitions in all confederations for the 2026 World Cup have yet to be announced, fans can look forward to seeing all the host nations compete on the global stage.

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Date published: 14-02-2023 21:57 | Date modified: 14-02-2023 | Author: Patrick de Graaf


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Host countries are automatically qualified for the World Cup in 2026. Canada, Mexico and the US are therefore directly qualified.

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