Europe will receive 16 tickets for the 2026 World Cup

Europe will receive 16 tickets for the 2026 World Cup. FIFA has proposed that our continent may send 3 more countries to the tournament than before. The proposal will be considered by the Executive Committee in Bahrain in May of this year. of the World Football Association. With that, UEFA has got its way.

There are more tickets to be distributed for the 2026 World Cup than was previously the case. As many as 48 countries can participate in the tournament. 32 countries are still active at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The continent of Africa will receive 4 extra tickets, bringing the total to 9. Oceaniaë will receive a direct qualifying place for the World Cup football, where the best country previously had to play playoffs.

In 2026, 8 Asian countries will be allowed to participate in the football event, which is 4 or 5 more than now . North and Central America will be allowed to send 6 countries to the tournament in the future, while there are now only 3 or 4.

South Africa is allocated the least number of extra qualifying places. According to FIFA's proposal, the continent may send 6 countries to the 2026 World Cup, while there are now 4 or 5.

Because Russia is the host country of the 2018 World Cup, Europe can send no less than 14 countries to that tournament. In Qatar, 13 countries will be represented on behalf of Europe.

Tickets distribution World Cup 2026

  • Europe: 16 tickets (previously 13)
  • Africa: 9 tickets (previously 5)
  • Asia: 8 tickets (previously 4 or 5)
  • South America: 6 tickets (previously 4 or 5)
  • North - and Central America: 6 tickets (previously 3 or 4)
  • Oceanië: 1 (previously 0 or 1)
  • Mini Tournament: 2

< p>In addition, the host country is automatically qualified for the World Championship, bringing the total number of qualified countries to 46.


World Cup 2026 qualification through a mini-tournament

The last 2 tickets for the World Cup 2026 can be earned through a mini-tournament. Indeed, FIFA's proposal is to organize a tournament in the host country in November 2025, with 6 countries competing for the remaining 2 places.

No European countries will participate in this tournament, while the other 5 continents may all send 1 country. The 6th country comes from the continent that organizes the World Cup.

The aim of the mini-tournament is to prepare and test the organization for the big football tournament a year later. At the moment, the Confederations Cup serves as a test for the upcoming World Cup.

Host country 2026 World Cup

The host country for the 2026 World Cup is not yet known, because FIFA has been accused of corruption within the union wants to wait until May 2020. Countries that have already shown their interest are: Canada, Mexico and the United States, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Spain or Portugal.

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Europe will receive 16 tickets for the 2026 World Cup, 3 more than before. The last 2 tickets can be earned through a mini-tournament with 6 countries.

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