Canada, US and Mexico want to host the 2026 World Cup

Canada, the United States and Mexico are considering jointly organizing the 2026 World Cup. It has never happened before in the history of the World Cup that three countries jointly organize the tournament.

Delegates from the three football countries will meet in 2017 to discuss the possibilities, says Victor Montagliani of the football federation CONCACAF. According to him, the countries are aware that each country could also organize the 2026 World Cup alone, but a championship in three countries is certainly a good option.

Despite the fact that it has never happened before, FIFA announced in October 2016 that the World Cup could also be jointly organized by more than two countries. The union has not set a maximum number of candidates. In 2002 the World Cup was held in Japan and South Korea.

The last time the World Football Championship took place in CONCACAF was in 1994 when the United States hosted the tournament. The 2026 World Cup coincidentally falls in the same year as the 250th anniversary of American independence.

Montagliani therefore thinks it is high time that the tournament returns to his continent in 2026. 48 participating countries may be present.

The organizer of the 2026 World Cup will be announced in May 2020.

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Date published: 30-12-2016 14:00 | Date modified: 30-12-2016 | Author: Patrick de Graaf


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Canada, the United States and Mexico are considering jointly hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The organizer will be announced in May 2020.

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